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    Pietersite also goes by the name tempest stone. The gemstone was found in Namibia. Lately, some have been discovered in China. It features an array of colors with some having unusual color combinations.

    It carries a charge, akin to a storm raging within it. The gemstone brings cleansing energy that is handy in helping you create change.

    A great attribute about it is the fact that it is highly stimulating to your energy. It is handy at assisting you to let go of any negativities and unwanted habits.

    The gemstone boasts a strong vibration that creates an energetic connection to the deepest spiritual inner self to assist you to access spiritual guidance.

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    Weight 5.1 kg
    Dimensions 125 × 124 × 126 cm

    1 carat, 2 carats, 3 carats, 4 carats, 5 carats

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