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    Buy emerald gemstone online USA, Where to find emerald gemstone online Australia, UK, Europe, Emerald gemstone for sale here

    Compared to most of the other gemstones in our primer, Emeralds boast a richer history. Historical records from as early as 4,000 years ago claim that these gems were discovered in Egypt.

    Today, countless emerald producing areas exist. Some of them include Brazil, Zambia and Columbia. Of these, Columbia is the best producer.

    This gemstone is a sign of power and status. It has been such a favorite of many royal families. The European royal family, Princess Diana, and Queen Victoria are some of the popular figures to have dawned it.

    Emeralds, like all colored gemstones, are graded using four basic parameters–the four Cs of connoisseurship: colorclarity, cut and carat weight. Normally, in the grading of colored gemstones, color is by far the most important criterion. However, in the grading of emeralds, clarity is considered a close second. A fine emerald must possess not only a pure verdant green hue as described below, but also a high degree of transparency to be considered a top gemstone.

    In the 1960s, the American jewelry industry changed the definition of emerald to include the green vanadium-bearing beryl. As a result, vanadium emeralds purchased as emeralds in the United States are not recognized as such in the UK and Europe. In America, the distinction between traditional emeralds and the new vanadium kind is often reflected in the use of terms such as “Colombian emerald

    Emeralds tend to have numerous inclusions and surface-breaking fissures. Unlike diamonds, where the loupe standard, i.e. 10× magnification, is used to grade clarity, emeralds are graded by eye. Thus, if an emerald has no visible inclusions to the eye (assuming normal visual acuity) it is considered flawless. Stones that lack surface breaking fissures are extremely rare and therefore almost all emeralds are treated (“oiled”, see below) to enhance the apparent clarity. The inclusions and fissures within an emerald are sometimes described as jardin (French for garden), because of their mossy appearance. Imperfections are unique for each emerald and can be used to identify a particular stone. Eye-clean stones of a vivid primary green hue (as described above), with no more than 15% of any secondary hue or combination (either blue or yellow) of a medium-dark tone, command the highest prices. The relative non-uniformity motivates the cutting of emeralds in cabochon form, rather than faceted shapes. Faceted emeralds are most commonly given an oval cut, or the signature emerald cut, a rectangular cut with facets around the top edge.

    Buy emerald gemstone online USA, Where to find emerald gemstone online Australia, UK, Europe, Emerald gemstone for sale here

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